paper bag floor/ faux floor

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Paperbag floor manual

           These are all examples of the creativity that can be done with this flooring.  The rose leather was made from red rosin paper. The brown floor was made from brown 75 # Kraft Paper, which is the same as the paper found in common brown heavy duty grocery bags.

 We call that the paper bag flooring, your color designs are only limited to your imagination. Kraft paper comes in many colors , available in any school supply store.

The application of this unique procedure can also be applied to wall treatments, many wall covering experts are using these designs in their businesses. We have seen this treatment in many instances from wine cellars to commercial buildings where a very unique and affordable look is desired.

 We offer our manual with many tips on how to successfully apply this technique. The step by step written manual on all that we have learned doing this beautiful work. This type of covering is also great for investors looking for a durable , cost effective way to redo floors as well as a DYI home owner looking for a beautiful , unique floor or wall to impress friends.

Once you see the result of the work , the advantages of it will come alive!

 The manual covers all the procedures for installing this beautiful covering to   how to prepare the paper, floor and wall preparation, applying it to your various surfaces ,and sealing it,  to tips and pointers to prepare a beautiful and stunning result .


  • Cost effective
  • Ease of installation
  • Unique and attractive designs
  • Easy to maintain, the same treatment as a hardwood floor .