paper bag floor/ faux floor


I hope that you liked the slideshow it is a little entertaining and gives you some more shots of our results. We have been renovating houses for about 5 years now and it's been a long road for sure. We first started doing this type of flooring after some bad experiences with tenants.

The first house that we did was in a three bedroom house with a concrete floor. when we got there the carpet was trashed so we ripped it all out and was left with a tile floor. The floor was layed in the 1960's with that old Armstrong linoleum, so we had to remove that tile.

We had to rent a power scraper to lift it off the floor. After we removed it , the floor was almost solid black due to the glue that was used to cement it down. Now we had a clean , black floor. So at that point our options were to do one of the following, carpet, tile-linoleum or ceramic and not much else.

Laying hardwood was definitely not an option, too cost prohibitive. I didn't want to put carpet in again so I thought about what I could do and what my options were. So as a result I came up with the paper bag floor flooring. When we started this we did solely with paper bags, eventually we tried using rolls of brown Kraft  paper.

Both worked very well, the choice of what to use is up to you for whatever your tastes are. Both give a little different pattern or look so if you are looking to experiment try both and see what you like best. Hopefully you will get our course and have fun and save a ton !!.......

Oh by the way we are in the final production phase of putting together a Website on all our experiences with Investing in Real Estate. After many years of doing this we developed a routine in our investigating deals.

I would have many windows opened on my computer at once, going from website to website collecting reasearch to get to comparables, listings, material costs , Insurance, contractors.. etc. So we decided that we were going to produce a site that had all of that in one place or as best possible.

Kind of like a Turn-Key place that you could get about everything done !

We hope to have it done in the next month or so, it will have a ton usable stuff on it from articles to actual hands on documented projects, lots of before and after shots , so you can see what we have done .

It will guide you on your REI journey so you don't make the MISTAKES that we did. We will be discussing the current RE environnment and how if needs to be navigated , because if you don't do it right you WILL GET BURNED !!!!  Check it out here LearnREI