paper bag floor/ faux floor

Q : What is Paper Bag/ Faux Flooring 


A:  A floor covering that is durable, cost effective and above all beautiful !


Paper bag flooring is innovative faux style flooring that can be used over about all surfaces and has been used on walls.  We discovered this by accident and heard of several people who had used it.

We are investors that buy and renovate houses and as always we have the issue of floor coverings.  Typical to most investors, most of them put in carpet.  The price of carpet varies of course with quality, but inexpensive carpet is about $10-$12 per yard, installed.


When we renovate a house it is typical that you will replace the carpet and depending on the tenants you could replace it in1-2 years.  You may get lucky and it will last longer. 

 So being in this business we were looking for an alternative durable floor covering that we would not be replacing on a regular basis.  That is when we discovered the Paper Bag / Faux flooring.  Our cost is from $150-$200 per house for materials plus labor. 


 The result is a beautiful flooring that costs less than $200 that will last for years. This technique has even been used on walls in replacement of wall coverings. For a durable, easy to clean surface.